Real Women..

We have been observing the reasons bags are often hostile to women: their weigh, their poor rationality, the intrusive hardware making them compromise over other accessories.

RedSoul bags are free from all of this and with a simple yet smart design managed to became irreplaceable.

A real must have!

RedSoul bags functionality doesn’t compromise on beauty: they are completely handmade by Italian Artisans with precious materials and real python skin.

We thought of feminine women with feminine needs: to feel free, to embody different souls, to cover multiple time slots, to feel themselves, to look beyond codifications, to walk light, to look at themselves pleased in the mirror, to transform and last but not least to be how we truly are: sophisticated.


...making real good bags. 

Caterina and i met on a stage…and became friends. 

What always bonded us was our creativity, inspirations and adventures! 

My last relocation determined the need of a deconstruction, in all means: even in terms of my looks functionality. And that became a bag, an idea, and with Caterina a project. 

So here we are: Caterina and myself + Flemina’s millennial twist. 

Three generations of RedSouls. 


 Rossella (the redhead)